How to reduce your taxes in Spain by donating to charity

Tweet The Spanish Fundraising Association claims that 20% of Spanish residents give to charity, with almost 3.6 million regular donors, contributing €489 million in 2014 in Spain. Far from the Spanish Third Sectors’ hay day of €825 million donations in 2007, the reduction in charitable contributions can be blamed on tough socio-economic factors causing: individual […]


U.S. Expatriated Entrepreneurs and Apple Tax Rules: Not All That Different.

TweetBack in 2013 the Offshore Leaks report, the crisis in Cyprus and the US Senate’s probe of Apple’s tax affairs injected renewed urgency into a global effort to crack down on aggressive tax avoidance. In fact, governmental authorities alleging that Apple had avoided billions of dollars in taxes shone an unforgiving spotlight on the international […]

Modernisation of Spain’s VAT tax reporting system

TweetHacienda have announced a new administrative system the Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII) or “Immediate supply of information” for facilitating the reporting of tax information from invoices for certain taxpayers. Effective from 1st January 2017, the new system will enable taxpayers to supply VAT (IVA) information from issued or received invoices within a four day time […]

Free WIFI supplier Gowex faces bankruptcy and false account charges

TweetFormer Spanish technology darling Gowex has filed for bankruptcy, frozen existing contracts and dismissed founder and former CEO Jenaro Garcia Martin who is being charged with falsifying accounts for at least the past 4 years, distorting financial and economic information, and insider trading. Gowex, Free WIFI provider for major cities (Madrid, New York, Paris and […]

Hacienda to reduce corporate tax and income tax in 2015

Tweet Hacienda chief, Cristóbal Montoro, has announced long awaited changes to the Spanish tax system, to be confirmed officially in June this year, to come into effect from January 2015 with a second phase in 2016, committing to lowering income tax rates for everybody, mainly benefiting families and people with disabilities. Changes also include reducing […]

Spain’s ‘patent box’ regime encourages innovation and internationalisation

TweetSpain has redeveloped its Patent Box fiscal incentive to become more accessible to companies and entrepreneurs. Introduced in 2008, the incentive reduced Corporation Tax (Impuesto de Sociedades) on revenues originating from intangible assets (drawings, models, plans, formulas, processes, patents, innovation design, new technology etc. NOT software of trademarks) developed by the company. However, 2010 figures […]