10 Energy Saving Tips for your home in the Winter months

TweetAccording to the ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism’s report on Spain’s energy pricing, electricity prices are falling : 4.9% less than 2013 which was 3.7% less than 2012, however gas prices remain high – 0.5% more than 2013 however are due to fall by 3% from Jan 2015 thanks to falling petrol prices. With […]


EU rules Spanish Inheritance Tax discriminatory and illegal

TweetThe European Court of Justice (ECJ) has ordered Spain to change the law related to inheritance tax or Impuesto sobre Sucesiones y Donaciones – judged illegal due to discriminatory rates charged to foreigners – and repay approximately €600 million to beneficiaries who have already paid the sometimes astronomical 40% inheritance tax during the past four […]

How to avoid returning home from Spain in 5 easy steps

TweetFollowing up on march blog post ‘Foreign Owned Property in Spain’, Brits are indeed still at the top of the foreign buyers list followed by France, Russia and Germany. Data from the Bank of Spain last week showed that foreign purchases in 2013 exceeded €6bn (£5bn) for the first time since 2004. However as house […]

Issues March 2014 – Foreign Owned Property in Spain

TweetFalling property purchases? The Ministry of Public Works released their quarterly figures this month showing details of where foreign nationals are buying property in Spain. Still suffering from the aftermath of the bursting construction bubble, six years on, the percentage of total homes bought in Spain during the last quarter of 2013 by foreign nationals […]