Peter Pan interpreted by the award winning dance company Ananda Dance in Valladolid

Peter Pan, Bleu! and a new temple of design are a welcomed addition to your holidays

This holiday season the stage comes alive for children as both the young and young at heart, have the opportunity to relive a timeless classic, Peter Pan. The audience will be treated to Peter Pan, Wendy, fairies and mermaids with all types of performances from dance to monologues, performed this month by the award-winning theatre company Ananda Dansa at the Calderón Theare in Valladolid.  The Company, who was awarded the prestigious National Award for Dance in 2006, will be performing the play, recommended for children six years old and older, on December, 26,27 and 28th. Click here for more information

Peter Pan  by award winning dance company Ananda Dance in Valladolid

Peter Pan interpreted by the award winning dance company Ananda Dance in Valladolid.
Photograph from Teatro Calderon

Also for the benefit of all ages is the interactive dance performance Bleu! where you will be submerged into a magical under-the-sea adventure with a water nymph and sailor, who, aided by sounds, light shows and shadows, will take you on a virtual trip to the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea where you will be marveled by among other things, floating jellyfish and playful sea life. Children will also have the opportunity to become part of the performance by interacting with the dancers and other objects found at the bottom of the sea. The performance, held at the La Abadia Theatre in Madrid, will run until January 4th, 2015. Click here for tickets.


Bleu! Underwater sensory adventure based on Mediterranean traditional mythology in El Teatro de Abadía, Madrid © TPO

New depth is also explored with the opening of the Disseny Design Museum in Barcelona. This space, which opened its doors on the 4th of this month, is dedicated to decorative art collections, graphic design and fashion in the breathtaking Disseny Hub building. To celebrate the museums’ opening, visitors can benefit from FREE entry until the 31st of January Click here for more information.

Museu Disseny Inauguracion

The new Disseny Design Museum in Barcelona is free to visit until January 31st.
Photograph from Disseny Design Museum


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