Updating Spain’s September law 14/2013, incentivising new freelancer or trabajador autonomo registration, new Autonomos under 30 years (women under 35 years old) will benefit from the following reductions:

Freelancing in Spain has got cheaper

  • An 80% Social Security fee reduction during the first 6 months (€53.07)
  • A 50% Social Security fee reduction during the next 6 months after the previous period of time (€130.91)
  • A 30% Social Security fee reduction during the next 18 months after the previous period of time (€183.28)

For new Autonomos 30 years old or over, the reductions are equal to above but only for a total of 18 months.

Creating savings of almost 2,000 euros per individual during the first year of activity, these measures run uninterrupted from the moment you sign up for 18 months (or 30 months if you’re under 30. Breaking up less active periods with bajas and altas(unregistering and reregistering during slower months) will mean you will miss out on the important discounts in the earlier months

If you’re interested to register as an autonomous worker in Spain, our freelance professionals package will help you start on the right track.


One thought on “New autonomos in Spain benefit from reduced €50 social security payments

  1. What a relief that freelancer registration now has lower initial costs involved! Hopefully the government will keep the reduced social security payments…

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