How much IRPF and IVA should I be paying as a freelance worker in Spain?

TweetQ. How much IRPF and IVA should I be paying as a freelance worker in Spain? A. The IRPF (Impuesto sobre la Renta de las Personas Fisicas) is a progressive, direct income tax which is paid by your client as a withholding tax directly to the Spanish tax office (find out more here). Currently, freelance workers […]


A Freelance Guide to Autonomo Expenses in Spain

TweetWorking as a freelance professional in Spain can be costly taking into account Social Security charges, IRPF (income tax) rates, accountant and advisor fees, not to mention transport and living expenses. However, the Income Tax Return, filed quarterly and annually (by June 30 2015 for 2014 taxes), will gauge how much you’re taxed on your […]

How Will the Fiscal Changes in Spain affect IRPF for autonomos?

TweetAs an Autonomous worker you may be obliged to pay a percentage of your tax upfront when invoicing clients, called IRPF. This tax is paid directly to Agencia Tributaria and if you’ve paid more than you owe in advance, it will be swiftly returned to you during tax returns. Autonomous workers paying IRPF retenciones will […]

New autonomos in Spain benefit from reduced €50 social security payments

TweetUpdating Spain’s September law 14/2013, incentivising new freelancer or trabajador autonomo registration, new Autonomos under 30 years (women under 35 years old) will benefit from the following reductions: An 80% Social Security fee reduction during the first 6 months (€53.07) A 50% Social Security fee reduction during the next 6 months after the previous period of time (€130.91) A […]