Spain passes new law to combat illegal fishing and rings in praise from NGOs

TweetNew Spanish law 33/2014 has marked tougher penalties for Spanish citizens involved in illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing anywhere in the world. As Europe’s largest fishing member state (followed by UK, France and Italy) Spain represents 20% of Europe’s fishing capacity and employs the most number of people in the fishing industry. This an important […]


Small businesses in Spain closing doors at end of Ley Boyer

TweetSmaller businesses are being forced to close as landlords raise commercial property rents resulting from the 20 year ‘Ley Boyer’ ending on January 1st 2015. The law introduced in 1994 protected businesses whose lease had begun before 1985, exempting them from rent increases for 20 years (inflation-linked). This gave many family businesses the opportunity to […]

Why Catalonia and Madrid are imposing restrictions on Airbnb

TweetAirbnb received their first European fine at the beginning of July from Catalonian authorities, fining the property letting service €30,000 for breaching Catalonian tourist letting laws. Laws state that any property letted to tourists in the region should be registered with the Tourism Registry of Catalonia and approved (for security and hygiene reasons), and the […]