US Expats – Tax Filing Deadlines for 2015

Tweet As US Expats, it´s important to take note of the typical deadlines which may be slightly different each year. Mark your calendar in advance of those deadlines and forward the needed information to your tax advisor by these dates. Deadlines April 15, 2015 – US tax filing deadline and due date for all taxes liabilities […]


A Freelance Guide to Autonomo Expenses in Spain

TweetWorking as a freelance professional in Spain can be costly taking into account Social Security charges, IRPF (income tax) rates, accountant and advisor fees, not to mention transport and living expenses. However, the Income Tax Return, filed quarterly and annually (by June 30 2015 for 2014 taxes), will gauge how much you’re taxed on your […]

Modernisation of Spain’s VAT tax reporting system

TweetHacienda have announced a new administrative system the Suministro Inmediato de Información (SII) or “Immediate supply of information” for facilitating the reporting of tax information from invoices for certain taxpayers. Effective from 1st January 2017, the new system will enable taxpayers to supply VAT (IVA) information from issued or received invoices within a four day time […]

Messi tax fraud allegations continue

TweetLionel Messi , Barcelona forward and world football sensation has been accused of using a network of companies created by his father to defraud the Spanish government of €4.1 million of tax revenues over the period of 2007-2009 for income earned from his image rights. Allegedly he and his father siphoned away this income to tax […]

VAT on Art transactions in Spain slashed to 10%

TweetGallery owners, artists and collectors alike will still be positively buzzing with news that Spain has reduced the VAT (IVA) on direct art purchases from the controversial 21% down to 10% at the end of January. With an aim to stimulate the cultural industry, defend Spanish art from a shaky economy, and edge closer to […]

Spain’s ‘patent box’ regime encourages innovation and internationalisation

TweetSpain has redeveloped its Patent Box fiscal incentive to become more accessible to companies and entrepreneurs. Introduced in 2008, the incentive reduced Corporation Tax (Impuesto de Sociedades) on revenues originating from intangible assets (drawings, models, plans, formulas, processes, patents, innovation design, new technology etc. NOT software of trademarks) developed by the company. However, 2010 figures […]