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Starting a Business in Spain

company start up

When starting a business in Spain the red-tape can be considerable and there can be a large number of processes – many of them legal – that must be followed in order to avoid serious problems further down the line.

The Spainwide Company Formation package comprises the following elements:

  • Analysis of the business plan or objectives to determine the most appropriate company structure (taking into account your specific business plan or objectives)
  • NIE Application (Essential to begin working in Spain).
  • Setting-up of a bank account(s) in Spain.
  • Set-Up of the Appropriate Company Structure .
  • Routine email and telephone enquiries –max Turnaround time 24 hours - (ensures you get the information when you need it).
  • All contact in English via native English speakers.

This comprehensive package of services is unique to Spain and has been designed to give you the best possible chance of success – less time dedicated to dealing with Spanish bureaucratic and legal obligations is more time spent focusing on your business and your clients.

To contact us about the Company Formation package please click here.

Points to Consider when Setting up a company in Spain

It is extremely important to note that even where the process has been standardized, there is a real danger of not designing the company structure using the most appropriate framework. In fact, it is often where the process has been most standardized that knowledge of how to incorporate features specific to your company become even more important.

Major points worth remembering include:

  • How the company is set-up can determine the limits of success of the venture in future.
  • Has the company been set-up with sufficient flexibility?.
  • Has the company been set-up correctly such that future tax liabilities are appropriate for the legal venture.
  • Minimising Capital Tax.
  • Tips on reducing Social Security liability.

For more information regarding the Company Formation package please contact us by clicking here.