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Small-Medium Enterprises

small medium business package

For many years now, Spainwide has been providing advice and assistance to people wishing to carry-out business in Spain. During this time we have been listening to the problems that they really have to face when dealing with Spanish bureaucracy. Moreover, they have been telling us the type of assistance that would help them succeed in their chosen business.

Common complaints include:

  • Not receiving appropriate information about tax obligations, tax breaks and other legal requirements.
  • Standard queries answered late or not at all.
  • Wasting time and money travelling to the office of their ‘gestor’ to deposit documents for tax assessment purposes – only to have to go all the way back again to pick-up completed tax forms.
  • Not being given appropriate warnings regarding the need to mantain certain important documents for tax assessment purposes.
  • Failure to receive confirmation that taxes have been filed.

The Spainwide Small and Medium Business Package, as with all our client solutions, has been designed bearing in mind the specific needs and requirements of those wishing to set-up a company and carry-out a business in Spain. Our package includes the following:

The process would begin with an analysis of the business plan or objectives of the client to determine whether the proposed legal structure is compatible with these objectives. Where more than one partner is involved it is important to bear in mind that the need for coordination is vital and Spainwide will that this is assessed thoroughly.

At this point the formal legal process can begin:

  • Application for NIE(Essential to begin working in Spain).
  • Opening bank account(s) in Spain (from your home or place of business if necessary).
  • Social security and tax registration (Legally Required).
  • Ongoing tax, social security and accounting obligations.
  • Email and telephone enquiries –max Turnaround time 24 hours - (ensures you get the information when you need it).
  • Contact in English via native English speakers.

This comprehensive package of services is unique to Spain and has been designed to give you the best possible chance of success – less time dedicated to dealing with Spanish bureaucratic and legal obligations is more time spent focusing on your business and your clients.

And all the while you can be relaxed in the knowledge that your affairs are in the best possible hands. In order to get more information regarding the benefits of becoming a client of Spainwide please contact us by clicking here.