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Lawyers in Spain

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When seeking legal advice in Spain it is a simple fact that most foreign nationals feel vulnerable as a result of:

  • Fear of being over-charged
  • Anxiety about not finding a good quality lawyer in Spain
  • Concern that their lawyer will not take them as seriously as they would a Spanish client.
  • Worry that their lawyer fail to understand them and make an error

So, without family or friends who you can trust to recommend good legal support, how can you be sure about the quality and reputation of a prospective legal advisor?

Getting good legal advice in Spain

Spainwide is a reference point for individual legal professionals in Spain. However, importantly, Spainwide is a totally independent company. This means that, on behalf of our clients, and at no extra cost to them, Spainwide can:

  • Insist on quality service provision at all times
  • Demand standard price quotations
  • Maintain an English speaking helpline for any and all queries
  • Ensure that your specific concerns are dealt with
  • Guarantee that your lawyer has a satisfactory level of fluency in English

Our clients can access information and advice across a wide range of legal areas. Please click on the relevant category below for more information and links to services.

Legal Categories

If you do not see the legal area you are interested in listed above, or are unsure as to which category your enquiry falls into, please contact us by clicking here.