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Logistical Strategy in Spain

Establishing a permanent logistical base to do business in Spain may be the correct course of action depending on the results of a thorough market analysis. However, that would certainly be more costly and it may be that the best option for doing business in Spain is to take advantage of logistical and sales operations currently present in the Iberian Peninsula.

A customized search procedure may be the best way to pinpoint suitable agents, distributors and representatives who have an interest in your products/services. Briefly, this procedure involves three separate stages:

1. Initially sending information on the product/service out to relevant buyers in the sector along with a response sheet for those looking for more information

2. Thereafter maintaining a telephone interview with all parties who have received the information, trying to establish their level of interest in the product/service

3. Preparing and sending a report on all those contacted containing the following information:

  • name of contact.
  • position in company.
  • name of company.
  • activities and size of company.
  • address.
  • telephone/fax number.
  • E-mail address.
  • level of interest expressed.
  • our own personal recommendations.

Spainwide can help you take maximum advantage of the Spanish market for your products. You can find out more about our marketing solutions here.