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US Tax Returns

All U.S. citizens that are currently residing in Spain are still legally required to file their U.S. Federal Income Tax Return by April 15. All U.S. citizens currently living in Spain who have not yet prepared and sent their Federal income Taxes in, will automatically be given a two month extension. All automatically extended Income Taxes must be filled by June 15 to avoid additional penalties.

Any person that is living in Spain for 183 days is considered a habitual resident and may be exempt from some U.S. Federal Income Taxes. However habitual residents are subject to pay Spanish taxes in addition to a reduced U.S. Federal Income Tax. During this first 183 days any sporadic or long term absences from the country in which you are residing in may require you to pay both countries Income Tax.

  • Fines, Fees, Sanctions.
  • Denied of Federal Finical Aid and Student Loans for the Tax Payer or their dependents.
  • Garnished Wages, and or Freeze of Assets.