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Q&A March 2014

Americans in Spain

american immigrants Spain

Q. How long can I legally stay in Spain without a visa from the USA?

A. American citizens may legally stay in Spain up to 3 months without a visa, however the Spanish authorities may ask to see a return ticket or ticket to another destination or proof of funds to support yourself while you're here. If you wish to stay longer, 3 weeks before this time period expires you can apply for an extension of stay (90 days) from the immigration authorities in Spain via a police station, however it is only given under exceptional circumstances. You may be fined if you try to leave Spain, having overstayed the permitted time, without an exit permit.

If you'd like to stay longer in Spain for studying, work or residency, you must first arrange a visa from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in the USA or your last place of residence. Once issued, you can apply for the corresponding work, study or residency permit with the authorities in Spain, via the immigration or extranjeria arm at one of the specialised Spanish police stations.

Spanish Taxes

Spanish Tax

Q. Why are Spain's taxes so high and could they change?

A. It's true that Spain has some of the highest taxes in the Eurozone (Income tax or IRPF at 52%, Corporate tax or Impuesto de Sociedad at 30% and Value Added Tax or IVA at 21%), yet collects comparatively little tax in return. The high income tax was meant to be a temporary measure brought in at the start of 2012 however continues through 2014. The tax authority in Spain, La Hacienda, are currently reviewing the Spanish tax system, but no changes would occur until January 2015.

If you need any assistance with your personal taxes, please contact us for help with tax returns, tax registration etc.