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Salaries in Spain

A salary may be composed of money and benefit in kind but the latter component may not exceed 30% of the total retribution.

The salary may be agreed between the employer and employee or be decided by the relevant Convenio but in any case may not be lower than the stipulated minimum in the Convenio.

The salary is said to consist of the base salary 'salario base' and the supplementary pay 'los complimentos salariales'. For legal purposes allowances such as for travelling and indemnities paid upon dismissal may not form part of a salary.

When a salary should be paid may be laid out in the relevant Convenio or agreed expressly between the employer and employee but in any case the time to pay the salary may not exceed 1 month. Upon failure to pay the salary the employee may insist on receiving interest up to 10% annually on the debt.

The legal minimum salary for 2014 was 21.51€ per day, 643.30€ per month and 9,034.20€ per year.

The payslip is known in Spanish as the 'nomina' and there are certain legal requirements as to the information that it must contain:

  • Payment period.
  • Base Salary.
  • Supplementary Pay.
  • Allowances.
  • Social Security Contribution.
  • Income Tax.
  • Company Stamp.
  • Employees Signature.
  • Finiquito.

This is the receipt that is signed by the employee upon leaving the employment and it contains a declaration that the employee is satisfied with the indemnity amount that has been paid by the employer in order to terminate the employment. It would normally preclude the taking of any action against the employer henceforth.

Updated March 2014